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I am back

My new year didn’t begin four days ago, but today with my 28th birthday :-) God, I feel so old HUMPF. Anyway, I have been a lazy blogger, no surprise here, but I would like to continue my experiment and decided that since I am ill and not in any condition to party, dawdling around with my baby would cheer me up.

I used to be quite good with Photoshop, but since I haven’t worked with it for over a year I unfortunately discovered that my memory isn’t the same as it used to be (GAD). My Internet connection here is playing crazy, too, so I don’t have the visual editor from the WP program and for coding I am not in the mood, so it’s only arranging the basics today. But at least I am trying *g*.

I intend to blog about more than reviews, since those are the worst for me to write (but very educational *cough*). I also have tons of New Year resolution concerning my reading habits and of course, if Fortuna is willing, I will have my CAMERA at the end of the months so that I finally can post some photos from Scotland.


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Do you have a blog? Enjoy erotic romance?

Like a little humor with your hot guy?

Well, this is the contest for you!

November 27th, Samhain Publishing is releasing my first Red Hot Romance, “Test Me!”. To celebrate my heroes acting like happy bunnies, I’ve arranged for a special contest featuring another favorite character, Happy Bunny, hopping all over the blogsphere!

I know it’s a very revealing cover, but damn, I really like it – it’s so wonderfully sensual :-)


Here’s The Game:

1. Copy and paste this post on your website, blog, MySpace, or wherever you wish, including a link to this “Test Me!” Excerpt. (For HTML Code, click HERE!)

2. Once you’ve completed #1, email laideebug @ Gmail.com (no spaces) with the subject line that reads: “Happy Bunny Blog Contest”. Include a link to your site and you are entered.

That’s it! But you could totally make Dee’s day if you win by reviewing “Test Me!” at your earliest convenience, too!

Here’s what you could win!

The Grand Prize:

• An e-Book ARC of “Test Me!”
• A Happy Bunny sling bag
• A Happy Bunny magnet game
• Happy Bunny Post-it notes
• Happy Bunny To-Do List
• Set of Happy Bunny mini-pens

And to fill your bag with things to be thankful for, a special gift from my good buddies Maya Banks and Amy Knupp!

• A copy of “For Her Pleasure” by Maya Banks
• A backlist choice from Superromance author Amy Knupp

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! There’s more!

Three extra winners will win an e-copy of “Test Me!” as well as two surprise e-Book prize selections from the following list:

• A backlist book of the winner’s choice from Ann Wesley Hardin.
• An e-copy of “La Bella Luna” from Bobbie Cole.
• A backlist book of the winner’s choice from Heather Rae Scott.
• An e-copy of “Brazen” and an e-copy of her upcoming Christmas novella, Love Me, Still(goes out to winner 12/18/07) from Maya Banks
• An e-copy of “Calleye’s Justice” from Donica Covey

So help Happy Bunny hop all over the world! Post on your blog. Enter! Win!

All winners will be announced December 1st, 2007 on Dee’s blog, http://www.deetenorio.com/Blog!

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I am still alive

I have been working my ass off during the last days, doing about a dozen editorial reviews. Pewhh, hard work, but I earned some good money I can use towards travelling and a digital camera (when I actually find some time buying one).

You wouldn’t believe it, but I didn’t read one book since the beginning of last week. I am kind of trying to get into Hot Summer Nights by McLane but I actually can’t read more than a few pages a day because the stories are so bland. After that one, alas, I am going to indulge myself with a Stef Ann Holm, LUVVV her, one of my best discoveries this year!

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because I didn’t get my laptop cable yet and the British Royal Mail is on STRIKE. FUCK. ARGGGG @~#&*!!!%%&&@@. I will be online tomorrow again and post some reviews.

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The Adventure Can Start

After fighting with wordpress for the last six hours I am reasonably happy with the result. I still can’t figure out how to use category parents (which I will need in future), but, as Scarlet O’Hara said:

I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

My current book is Jennifer Donnelly’s The Tea Rose, but I am far from finishing it. That’s why my first official post has to wait for another couple of days, but at least I am ready (except for the damn categories).

Good night everybody and sweet dreams.

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