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Reading Year 2007 in Retrospect

All together I read 261 books in 2007, 53.889 pages with an average page count of 206/book. Over 40 % I read were published in the reading year itself, followed by another 40% of releases between 2000 and 2006.

My best reading month was in November, with an inexplicable number of 42 books. To my defense *g*, eight books I read for work, and seven books I didn’t finish because of either writing style, plot or simple boring mediocrity.via www.lolcat.com

Out of 261 books, I gave 29 books keeper status, whereof seven were re-reads (in the following abbreviated as rr). All together I only re-read 13 books in 2007, whereas Dark Lover from JR Ward got the “worst” grade with a B.

5 A+ (Lauren Willig – The Secret History of the Pink Carnation; Linda Howard – Mr Perfect rr; Linda Howard – Now You See Her; Loretta Chase – Not Quite a Lady; Karen Marie Moning – The Dark Highlander rr)

8 A (Karen Rose – Have You Seen Her; Claire Thompson – Island of Temptation; Michèle de Lully – La Bonne; Jennifer Donnelly – The Tea Rose; Karen Rose – Die For Me; Julie Garwood – Ransom rr; Linda Howard – Heart of Fire rr; Jane Feather – Love’s Charade rr)

16 A- (Linda Howard – White Lies rr; Elizabeth Hoyt – The Raven Prince; Deanna Lee – The Penetration Diaries; Karen Rose – You Can’t Hide; Tielle St. Clare – Dragon’s Prey; Gail Faulkner – Into His Keeping; Jeanie LeGendre – The Gift (from Anthology Secrets, Vol. 1); Liz Carlyle – Never Lie To a Lady; Kimberly Dean – Highschool Reunion; Tami Hoag – Lucky’s Lady rr; Lisa Kleypas – Sugar Daddy; Tracy Grant – Daughter of the Game; Emma Holly – Fairyville; Sasha White – Wicked; Lauren Bach – Lone Rider)

Because of two community libraries at my disposal, I had an unusual high amount of “new to me authors”, namely 115. 21 one ended up on my DNF pile, and 40 I graded a C+ or below.

My best new discoveries this year were: CL Wilson, Stef Ann Holm, Kelly Hunter, Sharon Sala, Hope Tarr, Jenna Kernan; Cheryl St. John, Charlene Teglia, Dorothy L Sayers, Elizabeth Hoyt, Tracy Grant, Lauren Bach and Jennifer Donnelly.

The big winner among the publishers is Harlequin with 29%, however most of the books I read from this publisher are work related, and weren’t personal choices. On the second place are e-publishers such as Ellora’s Cave, Loose-Id and Samhain with 17% (all of them are review books). On third place, no surprise here, my personal favorite publisher Penguin and Harper Collins with 11%. Various Brit publishers (8%), Randomhouse (7%), Grand Central Publishing (6%), Kensington, Simon & Schuster and Others (4%), Audiobooks publishers (3%) and Dorchester Publishing and Macmillan finish (1%) share the rest.

And to finish off, the results of settings and types. All together I distinguish between 20 different settings, with no reads this year in Dark Ages, Colonial US and Civil War. The big winner are Contemporary with 67,4%. Sharply, *cough*, followed by 8,8% Regency and 3,8% Historical Western. Other settings are Medieval, Renaissance, European Historical, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Turn of Century, 1920s-1930s, WW2, American Historical, Americana and Sci-Fi/Futuristic which share a measly percentage between 3,1 and 0,4%.

Where types are concerned I separate between 22 different possibilities. 31,8% apply to Straight Romance, followed by 16,1% Series Romance, 8,8% Romantic Suspense. The big rest, namely Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Mystery, Chick Lit, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Vikings, Time Travel, Vamps/Shifters, Magic, Mythology, Erotic Chick Lit, Erotic Straight Romance, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romantic Suspense, Gay, D/s, Lesbian and Ménage have between 8% and 0,4%.


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Reading Resolutions 2008

Well, this is going to be interesting, I have never actively thought about my reading habits before, but after having had a look at my 2007 spreadsheet (from Excel goddess Rosario), I decided to change some things for 2008 and to try to get a little more structure into the whole .. urggg… system.

Ok, here we go:

  • Post results of my 2007 reading spreadsheet. (Unashamedly copying from Rosario here, but it’s the first time I have filled out one for a full year, I only discovered them in the middle of 2006, and now I wanna, toooooo. *squeee*, I am a list maniac, did ya know?)
  • Read and post review of Charlene Teglia’s book Miss Lonley Hearts. The poor woman sent me an ebook copy in October last year, and-uhmmm- yes, I didn’t even read the book yet. I am sorry, deeply ashamed. Slap!
  • I will, will, WILL stay inside my set up budget for DVDs until May, after that all bets are open *g*.
  • Research Burried-Treasures on AAR (you don’t want me to run out of books, nooo?)
  • More re-reading. I only re-read twelve measly books in 2007, that’s by far too little! I would like to achieve between 35 and 40 re-reads this year, with the bigger part done during the second half of the year when I don’t have my lovely libraries anymore *sigh*.
  • More reading outside my comfort zones. It is no secret that my all-time favorite genre is anything contemporary. Then there are historicals, and finally everything else with a paltry little number of reads each year. I have an aversion against spaceships and aliens, but I actually discovered that fantasy might, under the right circumstances, work very well with Yours Truly. Same goes for paranormals in a contemporary setting (assuming they don’t feature any fangs and fur), preferably with some witchy and/or druid plot (Karen Marie Moning, helllooo!).
  • No buying, trading and mooching of books anymore which I didn’t research. I know, for most readers out there that sounds pretty stupid, but yes!, I admit, I belong to those who are easily seduced by gorgeous covers (it also works the other way around) and flashy advertising. I am not that bad as it sounds, BUT I want to avoid at all costs, those most horrible of horrible reads, namely C graded books.
  • Since I started reading romance in 2001 I have come a long way. Whereas in the beginning I was happy for the book to have a .. uhh.. distinctive cover, I can honestly say that nowadays I am more discerning *g*. Yet still I sometimes feel myself pushed, forced (by the mighty unseen) to finish a book I find absolutely NOT engaging, and that hast to stop! I know this wish won’t fully come true, mainly because of my reviewing activity and work as an editorial reviewer, but at least where my private reading choices are concerned I want to have as little C to F graded books as possible. I would rather have an unholy amount of DNFs then to ever have to suffer through blandness again.
  • Now to my lovely blog. Well yeah, as already mentioned, my staying power where reviews are concerned is not worth writing home about. But I discovered, that writing reviews is, indeed, an excellent way of preparing for the CPE. So I will try to write a minimum of five to ten “oevres” a month.

Ok, that’s all for now … but it’s already late. Who knows what I will actually think of when I am fully awake.

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