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I did something very bad today. One of my New Year Resolutions was to never EVAH be tempted again by a lovely nice book cover. Duhhh. It didn’t even take half a month and I already sinned.

Here’s my excuse:

I had a very busy day today: getting up at half seven, teaching until half ten, spending the afternoon alternately working on some editorial reviews and drilling English grammar and vocabulary into my head. Then, with the feeling of having accomplished a lot, I left the library where I studied to catch the train because at 6 pm my English class would begin. On the way to the station I passed a lovely book shop called The Works. One of this shop’s many faults is to sell books in bulks, namely 3 for 5 pounds, or 3 for 10 pounds and so on…

Well, as if steered by an invisible hand, I went into this shop and saw five different Elizabeth Chadwick books in the “3 for 5 pounds” section. If I were an author I would probably kill for such lovely, gorgeous covers, as a reader, I didn’t stand a chance. I NEEDED to buy them. I can’t say that Elizabeth Chadwick worked very well for me so far. I tried Falcons of Montabard which I considered to be an average read, and I also had a go at The Greatest Knight which I didn’t even finish. I am not the biggest Medieval fan, but damn, I simply couldn’t resist. I mean, I payed approximatively 2,5€/book, wheras Amazon asks 10€ for them, on a cheap day, and it is practically impossible to find them through Bookmooch. And don’t you think that new books have a certain flair and charme to them nothing can rival? I really have to stop myself caressing them and raving over their covers :-)

Oh yes, the sixth book I bought because of the bargain offer, otherwise I would have had to pay more LOL.


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