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I did it again. Two DVDs for together 4,09 Pounds *g*.

And the winner is:

Gosford Park (with the Jeremy Northam *sigh*, even though his performance as Mr. Knightley in the Hollywood version of Emma is blah, he is a mean actor!)

The Legend of Zorro (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas)

Oh yea, forgot to say, they were both sealed and new *hehe*.


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I couldn’t resist

Before I start seriously re-organizing my blog I quickly need to post about today’s spoil of war. I came back to Glasgow yesterday, and one of the first things I did today after work was some major grocery shopping. Instead of only buying food, I also spent some money on DVDs, even though I won’t be able to watch them until June. Because of some stupid reasons I currently can’t buy the laptop of my dreams (a lovely, shiny, little gadget with a DVD player), still there’s a new found addiction to satisfy and some innocently lying around money to spend.

Pretty Woman (seen countless times, and I needed to replace my cassette).

Wuthering Heights (With Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes)

Sabrina (Humphrey Bogard and Audrey Hepburn)

Doris Day & Rock Hudson collection (best film couple to cheer up a rainy day) with: Love Come Back, Send Me no Flowers and Pillow Talk.

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