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Copyright: 2007

Pages: 320 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Straight Erotic Romance, D/s

Grade: B

Three sexy city girls from Seattle are enjoying a night out at a chic coffee house in downtown Missoula, Montana, the heart of the old West. When a gang of cowboys mosey in looking for trouble, they find trouble of the best kind… and these boys are primed and ready to ride. There’s Gabe, the hard-bodied rancher with a wicked imagination. Chet, the rodeo cowboy who’s charmed the pants off more than a few country girls and vows to remain a bachelor for life. And Reuben, the former Army ranger with a taste for edgy sexual games. As the couples embark on a scorching night of passion and play, they experience the most exquisite pleasure—and discover kinky new thrills they never dared to imagine. Because when it comes to knocking boots, cowboys do it best…

This book by Charlene Teglia found its way onto my wishlist thanks to a review from the fantastic Dear Author blog. I wouldn’t give it keeper status, but after a long absence of any erotic romance in my reading habit, it proved to be a great book to return to the steamier side of romance.

The three person anthology plays in a contemporary Western setting in Montana. Now I have to say, I do love myself a good Western setting, be it contemporary or historical :-) … a very good start!

In the first story, A Man’s Word His Bondage, we have Gabe Wilson lusting after Willow Daniels. Willow wants to be a writer of fiction novels. She’s already an established poet but would like to advance her writing, and, in the long run with it her income and lifestyle. When Gabe sees Willow, he’s sure she’s the woman for him and does his best to convince her during their night together.

Ready to Play is the story about Jolie McIntyre and Chet Andrews. Before going back to an exhausting job, Jolie is looking for one summer of fun and relaxation and some man candy in the form of Chet is the icing on the cake. Chet knows he wants more from Jolie than a short time of torrid nights and therefore tries to capture her heart as she did his.

And last but not least, in Reuben’s Rules, enigmatic and mysterious Reuben has decided that Lemon Espresso Coffee-shop owner Laura Jamison is the right woman to become his submissive. After a horrible past, Laura has started a new live in Montana. When she gets a chance to act out some of her submissive fantasies with Reuben, she doesn’t count on a master who plays for keeps.

My one only real complaint with this anthology is that there was too much sex and too little plot. I know, I know, it’s erotic romance, it’s supposed to be steaming on every page until the paper goes up in flames. For I haven’t read any erotica/erotic romance in a long time because of this fact, I kind of felt a little under-entertained after the umpteenth love scene. All the more pity, for the love scenes are exceptionally well done and highly erotic. Especially where the first story is concerned I needed to rein in my incredulity, because our hero, Chet, puts a Duracell bunny on Viagra to shame. The third story does have an overall D/s theme, but it’s certainly the softest, downiest and most harmless D/s story I ever came upon but not less erotic for that reason. So anybody who would cry BDSM … MEEE = NOOO, can put his mind to rest.

I did like the characters, all six of them. The heroes belong to those romantic species of men who want to conquer and capture their women for eternity, come hell or high water. And which girl doesn’t want to sigh and dream from time to time about such men and be romanticized by a bunch of good looking hunks in cowboy boots, with English literature on their lips and wicked toys in their bedside drawer? The heroines, too, are some lovely ladies with a sure combination of heart and brain . Self-reliant, strong and with a confident mind to take what they want. I especially liked Laura from the 3rd story. Despite the shortness of the novella her past was vividly portrayed and consequently the reasons why she started a new life with a new job.

I already went over to Ms Teglia’s website and YES, it’s updated and full of information about her upcoming novels. Inexplicably a nice fairy put them on my wishlist ;-) and thanks again for this entertaining and sexy read!


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Copyright: 2007

Pages: 352 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/D/s

Series: Wicked Ties #1 (the author had another release this month with a follow-up story about the hero’s business partner)

Grade: C-

When a stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her, cable sex talk show host Morgan O’Malley turns to Jack Cole-a self-proclaimed dominant- for help. Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what’s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it and how she starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack’s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren’t pure. But she has no idea how personal they are.

Weeeeel, for anybody who is looking for some hot one on one action (with a thrown in ménage) hits probably jackpot with this one. Up until the last part of Wicked Ties I thought of this book as a guilty pleasure keeper. There is a number of rather “over the top” moments in the story and a heroine that made me gnashing my teeth but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it, like I did years ago with flowery Virgina Henleys and magic love sticks *g*. For those who are reluctant to touch this book because of the D/s theme, don’t worry, it’s a very tame D/s story and quite certainly not even too much for unused reader.

Jack has been a Dom for years and embraces this lifestyle with his whole being. After a successful career in the army he decided upon a career as … (yes you won half a washing machine) … security expert/bodyguard. For the last three years he has been plotting revenge against the SOB who ravished his now divorced wife. Enter the heroine. She’s a “grown-up” version of early Blaze heroines. Instead of being a virginal media-person she’s a well-versed woman with a catholic number of three (unsatisfying) lovers and a successful TV show about sexual matters named Turn It On. Morgan does have a number of D/s fantasies but because of her strict upbringing and a former uptight fiancé she feels like the most perverted person in the Almighty’s Universe.

Jack’s enemy is Morgan’s half-brother, and Morgan is Jack’s ticket to a satisfactory revenge. His original plan is to help her in her researches about BDSM for her next show, fuck her and leave her. Alas, he didn’t count on finding the redhead more tempting than he expected.

Morgan is a typical BDSM heroine. Wanting, not wanting, contradicting, bratty, and sometimes too much so that you want to give her a good shake. Jack uses a sure mix between coercion, arousal, technique and sternness to bring Morgan to a point of boundless submission … more or less successful. There’s nothing really outstanding about those two. You will find a lot of similar Morgan’s and Jack’s out there … just change their names. All in all they are rather likable, nice and up to a certain point original.

What made this book turn from a guilty pleasure B grade keeper into a C- book without keeper status was Jack’s behaviour during the end of the story. Morgan is very insecure about her wants, she thinks of herself as a kind of perverted whore and it takes her ages to open up to Jack. Jack promises Morgan to help her in her quest to bring her satisfaction without shame and to never betray her trust … and then promptly walks away from her (TWICE) after two very intensive sessions. They sort it out, eventually, but sorry, no, his behaviour is a total trust breaker.

For erotic romance junkies this book is a sure bet because it contains a number of highly erotic and entertaining love scenes. The plot is non-existent and ridiculous, but hey, that’s nothing new in this sub-genre. I think I will give this author another try with the second book in this mini-series about Jack’s business partner Deke.

As an aside: I know it’s all the rage to create exotic heroes, in this case a hot blooded Cajun. I have no concept about Cajun French but I do have a firm grasp of the French language and also consulted a native speaker about certain phrases in this book. There are definitely differences between French and Cajun French but I doubt they are so convoluted as to mix up 3rd person singular nouns with 3rd person plural verbs and new adjective positions and a masculine endearment for a female person. In the day and age of Internet it’s become so easy to properly research language. There are fans out there, native speakers who would jump at the option of helping an author, there are boards and Internet platforms … please PLEASE it’s simply horrible and leaves a rather bad image with the reader.

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