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Copyright: 2000

Pages: 305 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Chick Lit

Series: Shopaholic #1

Grade: D-

On the face of it, Rebecca Bloomwood has it all. Confident, single and happily living in des-res Fulham with her best friend Suze, she’s a financial journalist who spends her days writing articles advising other people on the importance of budgeting and prudent investing. Her private life is a different story though; Rebecca manages her own finances in a way that would make most of her readers’ hair curl–for Rebecca is a woman on a mission–she just can’t stop spending.

This, ladies and gentleman, is a seriously dumb book with a brain-dead heroine and a listing of endless escapades about how to spend big money on useless stuff. The heroine, Rebecca Bloomwood, is a 25 year old financial journalist; though how she ever got her job in this branch boggles my mind because there isn’t a person more unsuitable. Problably won it playing Lotto.

The whole book is about how Rebecca tries to save money, doing so by applying the only two obvious options as in a) cutting back and b) making more money. The first one turns out a total disaster, the second one takes off better – but only thanks to Fortuna who probably couldn’t stand the sight of this addlebrained female anymore.

You would think that Rebecca would grow towards the ending of the book, advance in her being and progress at least a little in her quest. Forget it. She’s a blind squirrel that has found a nut and milks it for all that it’s worth.

As a reader I breatheda sigh of relief after the last page because, honestly, never have I met such an unlikable I narrator than shopping addicted Rebecca Bloomwood.

Well, definitely no more Shopaholic books for me, this one was more than enough to rest me a lifetime.


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Copyright: 2005

Pages: 432 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Chick Lit

Series: Something Borrowed #2

Grade: DNF

Thirty years old, successful and stunning, Darcy Rhone used to think that ‘being down and out’ meant not finding a size four at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. Now she is pregnant, unmarried and recovering from a broken engagement to Dex and the betrayal of her ex-best friend Rachel, who stole Dex’s affections. For the first time in her life, she is completely alone. Frantically casting around for help, she calls upon Ethan, an old high school friend, and convinces him to let her stay with him in London for a few weeks to get her act together. Little does she know what she’s in for when she boards the plane to cross the Atlantic, but as weeks turn into months, Darcy makes a surprising discovery. Preparing for motherhood and settling into a new career, she builds herself a new life from scratch, finally finding romance – in the most unexpected place …

Something Blue is one of those mysterious books that suddenly appeared on my wishlist. Of course, I have no clue at all who recommended it to me *humpf*. Anyway, this was a book I really despised and absolutely NEEDED to stop reading around page 50 in order to not strangle the heroine and wish some agonizing medieval torture on her.

I read this book quite some time back so that my hateful thoughts towards Miss Annoying already subsided a little … but there’re still some left *hehe*.

Darcy Rhone is young, successful and thinks of herself as some of the most friendliest and nicest person in her circle of friends (yes! I didn’t write anything wrong here). She is conceited, hypocritical and so totally annoying in her narcissistic view on life that I, as a reader, was not in a position to like her much less identify myself with her.

The blurb and your average course of a chick lit book is about redemption and personal development, but it’s hard to invest any reading time in this story when the 1st person teller, the heroine, is beyond anything acceptable. After page 50 I decided not to waste any more time on her or this book.

Fortunately this was a book from the library, so except for an hour of reading time I didn’t loose anything. I may one day give another book of this author a try but I am definitely not in a hurry to do so!

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