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Copyright: 2007

Pages: 453 (tradesize edition)

Setting/Type: Regency, Historical Other Setting (India)/Straight Romance

Series: Spice Trilogy #1

Grade: D

Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, is a cool-nerved British diplomatic renowned for his integrity, and famed among the British debutantes for his striking good looks. Much to their dismay, the handsome marquis has no use or love. He conceals a dark secret surrounding his disastrous first marriage and the death of his wife and has vowed never to marry again. On a diplomatic trip to India, Ian is asked to watch over the daughter of an old family friend, Miss Georgiana knight. He is instantly intrigued by Georgiana’s striking beauty that conceals a sharp mind and a shocking independence. A ruling belle of local society in India, Georgiana is out of her element in London and yet she’s determined to conquer the ton on her own, refusing Ian’s protection every step of the way. Ian is infuriated by Georgie’s wilful defiance, as much as he is captivated by her natural charms…

Once upon a time, about two years ago, I discovered Gaelen Foley’s Knight Miscellany series and ravished the books within a week. For a short time thereafter she has even been an automatic-buy author, but after the disaster of His Wicked Kiss I deleted her from that list. Her Only Desire is #1 in a new trilogy which is simultaneously a knock-off of the Knight Miscellany series.

Miss Georgina is one true-blooded TSTL heroine straight out of the textbook “How to create annoying , stupid personalities”. In her eagerness to be modern and independent (which per se are very commendable traits) she fucks up a number of situations and exhibits a behaviour that shames the whole female gender into submission. I personally wanted to crawl into the book and read her the riot act. She’s a spoiled person with a conceited attitude and a mind that can’t rub two brain cells together when it’s necessary.

She does get better … after her brothers – thanks to her – were nearly hanged for assault against a royal person and she consequently has to flee to England.

What is there to say about Ian? In the beginning I thought of him as a tight-assed, emotionally repressed representative of the British aristocratic society. After a cheating wife he decided to give up on hope for love and light in his live and built an even stronger wall around his heart. He does develop a more human personality and looses some of his stiffness, mainly thanks to Georgina .

Georgina’s warm personality saves eventually the book from an even worse grade. She has a TSTL complex but she also cleans up and grows some brain cells … and despite her ailment she does carry her heart at the right place.

All in all I am hugely disappointed in this story and I am not sure I will read the next one in the series. I don’t think I can stand that torture again . %$&ยง”$”%.


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