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Copyright: 2006

Pages: 206 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Straight Erotic Romance, Erotic Paranormal

Publisher: Avon Red

Author Website: www.KimberlyDean.com,www.LynnLaFleur.com (sorry, the Poser doll s’not not NOT sexy)

Grade: A, DNF

Unrequited Kimberly Dean

After years of secret longing for his brother’s wife, Tyler rejoices when she is set free and ripe for new love—though it may take a prolonged seduction to convince wary Trista to open herself up to pleasure once more.

Victim of Deception Lynn LaFleur

When a woman moves into an old house, she is suddenly tantalized by erotic dreams that cause her to shed her every inhibition . . . leaving her vulnerable to the very real, very irresistible ministrations of the man who’d once broken her heart.

First of all this anthology also contains a story by author Liz Maverick which I didn’t read because of it’s futuristic/sci-fi setting. Simply not my genre, sorry. I also tried to get into Lynn LaFleur’s story Victim of Deception, alas, after reading about two silly masturbating ghosts and a stupid hero who already fucked up once with the heroine and doesn’t recognize a second chance when it smacks him in the eyes, I didn’t want to spend anymore time on this author.

But BUT BUT BUT, there’s still Kimberly Dean’s jewel left, Unrequited, and the story is so absolutely fantastic that I decided to keep this anthology collection. My second ever on my keeperself right next to Sasha White’s Lush collection.

After eight months of single life Trista is more or less pushed back into the dating circuit by her well-meaning friends. Hurt by her previous marriage to a cheating never – do – well professional sportsman, Trista’s hormones are crying “hello world” while as her heart is still hurt and careful to trust again. Tyler is Trista’s ex brother in law, one of the few people who stood by her side when things went wrong with her ex-husband Danny. Trista secretly loves Ty but she’s not quite ready to give herself to him in fear of loosing his friendship all-together. Ty has been in love with Trista since his brother brought her back home years ago. When he sees her with a slimy date in a rocker bar, his self-control snaps and mission “win Trista’s heart” sets in full force.

This 100 page anthology story doesn’t contain a lot of plot, actually 80 % of Trista’s and Ty’s lovestory happens between the bedsheets, but oh my, when Kimberly Dean writes it, it’s a real treat. The best I can compare her writing style with is Lisa Marie Rice, only with a dash more appreciation for sexual adventures and with the author’s own brand of sensuality. Usually I am bored when the sex starts ten pages after the story’s beginning, but I count this author to a selective few exceptions that can sell me sex pure with little plot. It is hot, sensual and steamy and despite the story’s shortness the characters seem so wonderfully alive and realistic that I wanted them to have the whole book instead of some measly 100 pages.

Wow, I think I have to re-read this one again soon, it was simply too delicious :-)


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Copyright: 2005

Pages: 320 (paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Regency/Straight Romance

Series: Featherton Sisters #3

Grade: DNF

Having had her heart broken by a “reformed rake,” Meredith Merriweather is determined to help with other young ladies avoid falling for the wrong man. Meredith intends to tempt the most notorious rake in all of London, the devilishly handsome Alexander Lamont, and then document the results in a cautionary guidebook called “A Lady’s Guide To Rakes”. But soon Alexander decides that Meredith is the woman for him. And as he uses all his rakish charms to win her heart, Meredith finds herself tempted to give in to a man no woman should trust, let along love.

Kathryn Caskie is another author I tried out because my library offered a copy of one of her books and her name found it’s way onto my wishlist under cryptical circumstances. I discontinued this story around page 150, after having discovered my wandering mind was contemplating to start on another book from my TBR pile.

All in all A Lady’s Guide to Rakes is a nice read with an orginal and humorous heroine, a funky plot and a well-musceled hero. Problem was, it didn’t capture me. The reading felt too flat, too bland, so that I started skipping rather big parts of the story. The one detail that really disturbed me was part of the hero’s personality.

Alexander needs to marry in order to placate his father who is finally fed up with his philandering. Circumstances let his father decide that Merredith is the one to bring him back onto the right path … and Alexander, too, decides that Merredith is probably the best choice for his reforming act. To me, Alexander was too wimpy and weak. He does his father’s bidding, curbs his behaviour so as not to loose his support and inheritance. I would have prefered him to stand up more for himself, being less of a dandy and playful boy and more of a full grown man instead.

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Copyright: 2005

Pages: 246 (tradesize edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Straight Romance

Grade: DNF

Six Weeks to Sensuality – Amy Bryce has always been the quintessential lady. Sweet, loyal, steady Amy. She might as well have the word “sucker” tattooed on her forehead. Because, only a sucker would watch her ex-boyfriend propose to her worst enemy and let him get away with it. Well, this sucker’s finally had enough. Amy is over being a good girl. She’s ready to taste life on the edge, and what better way to get started than volunteering for hunky Dr. Marc Javier’s latest sensuality project? Code Pink – When it comes to making and breaking codes, Jennifer Clark is the undisputed master. Too bad she can’t seem to fathom men. And the most unfathomable all is Special Agent Bryan Matthews. One look at the guy and neon lights spelling out “Hot Sex” appear before her eyes. One problem: Bryan has made it clear that Jennifer’s not on his radar. Fantasies Are Forever – Former college brainiac Caroline Mitchell has reinvented herself as the chic owner of an aromatherapy business. But whenever her gorgeous co-worker Joe Hatcher is around, Caroline gets flustered and feels like she’s morphed back into geek mode. Joe has even begun to invade her dreams. And what dreams they are. The only way to get him out of her mind permanently is to get him into her bed at once.

Susanna Carr also writes erotic romance under the pen name Jenesi Ash, for me that was the main reason why I borrowed this book from the library (after it flashed to me from the shelf and cried TAKE ME, TAKE ME).

I started with the first story of this three person anthology and discontinued after having discovered that this book contains a plot ingredient I can’t stand at all and therefore try to avoid.

I am not sure if I got the details right but as far as I understood the heroine is a librarian and the hero, a doctor, works for an “Institute”, currently doing research on a sensuality project.

Ever since reading Lynsay Sands’s The Loving Daylights which features a silly, brainy heroine that invents some super foolish, nutty sex spy toys, I sidestep books with plots that in anyway include an institution or company that earn their money with researching/producing/making silly sex toys/matters. For the stories are interconnected with each other I decided to rather read another book of this author instead of spending reading time on a plot I don’t like.

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Copyright: 2005

Pages: 432 (trade-size paperback edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Chick Lit

Series: Something Borrowed #2

Grade: DNF

Thirty years old, successful and stunning, Darcy Rhone used to think that ‘being down and out’ meant not finding a size four at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale. Now she is pregnant, unmarried and recovering from a broken engagement to Dex and the betrayal of her ex-best friend Rachel, who stole Dex’s affections. For the first time in her life, she is completely alone. Frantically casting around for help, she calls upon Ethan, an old high school friend, and convinces him to let her stay with him in London for a few weeks to get her act together. Little does she know what she’s in for when she boards the plane to cross the Atlantic, but as weeks turn into months, Darcy makes a surprising discovery. Preparing for motherhood and settling into a new career, she builds herself a new life from scratch, finally finding romance – in the most unexpected place …

Something Blue is one of those mysterious books that suddenly appeared on my wishlist. Of course, I have no clue at all who recommended it to me *humpf*. Anyway, this was a book I really despised and absolutely NEEDED to stop reading around page 50 in order to not strangle the heroine and wish some agonizing medieval torture on her.

I read this book quite some time back so that my hateful thoughts towards Miss Annoying already subsided a little … but there’re still some left *hehe*.

Darcy Rhone is young, successful and thinks of herself as some of the most friendliest and nicest person in her circle of friends (yes! I didn’t write anything wrong here). She is conceited, hypocritical and so totally annoying in her narcissistic view on life that I, as a reader, was not in a position to like her much less identify myself with her.

The blurb and your average course of a chick lit book is about redemption and personal development, but it’s hard to invest any reading time in this story when the 1st person teller, the heroine, is beyond anything acceptable. After page 50 I decided not to waste any more time on her or this book.

Fortunately this was a book from the library, so except for an hour of reading time I didn’t loose anything. I may one day give another book of this author a try but I am definitely not in a hurry to do so!

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Copyright: 2004

Pages: 284 (large print edition)

Setting/Type: Contemporary/Series Romance

Grade: DNF

A marriage made in … crisis!

Dr Laura Burnside is pregnant, single and alone. Her dream job as head of Global Aid Organization in Argentina has been snatched out of her hands by the arrogant Dr Armando Salazar. She has nowhere to go. And then Armando makes a proposal that turns her world upside down. Marry him. Give her child a father. Continue her vital emergency work in this beautiful country. And give in to the passion that has raged between her and the devastating Argentinian since their first meeting…

Uhmmmm, how shall I put it? I think I am simply not cut out for medical romances. Not only do I not swoon over gods in white (can you say that in English? it’s a very common expression in German) but all this medical talk bores me beyond anything. I put this book on my wishlist after having read Rosario’s review quite some time back, always eager to give an unknown, supposedly good author a try. In the end, the book read like any average Harlequin Presents with an overbearing hero, and martyrdom-inclined heroine. To be fair, the hero has more brain and backbone than many HP alphas I had the misfortune to encounter, but how I ever thought such a baby plot to be tempting is beyond me. Instead of being simply a debutant, student, secretary or bartered mistress, the heroine from this book is allowed to be a doctor, and a good one at that. Alas, she, too, like every true Harlequin heroine, can only find true happiness by being rescued by a testosterone carrier. End of story, end of my patience. This simply doesn’t work for me.

I guess I will delete all the other Gates from my wishlist. What a pity, Glasgow’s libraries are plentifully stocked with her work.

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